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Q: What should be placed underneath of the tank?
A: 4” – 6” washed sand
Q: What do I use for back fill around tank?
A: Rock or sand around sides of tank and then whatever was excavated placed on top of unit.
Q: How deep can tanks be buried?
A: Our tanks are CSA approved for seven feet of ground cover unless designed and manufactured as a “deep burial” which is ten feet of cover.

Q: What is used to seal the Manhole sections?

A: At Souris Valley we use Hamilton Kent SuperSeals.



Q: How do I clean out the CDS Unit?

A: The CDS system should be inspected at regular intervals and maintained when necessary to ensure optimum
performance. The rate at which the system collects pollutants will depend more heavily on site activities than the size of the unit. For example, construction activity or heavy winter sanding will cause the grit chamber to fill more quickly.

       Cleaning of the CDS systems should be done during dry weather conditions when no flow is entering the system. Cleanout of the CDS with a vacuum truck is generally the most effective and convenient method of excavating pollutants from the system. Simply remove the manhole covers and insert the vacuum hose into the sump. The system should be completely drained down and the sump fully evacuated of sediment. For trash and other buoyant material a net can be utilized for easy removal of the material.